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HD Quality Video Visits

Crisp, clear video and audio make Clocktree video appointments almost like meeting in person. We've optimized our appointment "rooms" to accommodate 2 or more parties on one call and you can connect for as long as you wish. What sets Clocktree apart is the ability to share notes, images and other documents before, during and after your video appointment. Start Now

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Scheduling and Reminders

You can easily schedule video appointments with your clients. If you choose, you can also allow clients to book appointments with you. You set your availability as you wish. Once an appointment is scheduled, both parties get reminders by email or text.

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Secure Messaging

Safely keep in touch with clients in between visits. Clocktree gives you a 2-way secure messaging system that is HIPAA compliant and private. Send documents, offer a quick note of encouragement, answer questions or send reminders to clients that are automatically saved as part of the client’s record.

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HIPAA Compliant Platform

Clocktree was built from the ground up to be HIPAA compliant. Every element, from video transmission to storing client data, meets HIPAA standards for encryption and security.

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Library & HIPAA Secure Storage

Upload, download or share anything from your HIPAA storage whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Maintain your own document and media library, stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere. Easily share files from your library with clients at any time without having to locate and upload from your computer. You can store any type of document you wish – insurance forms, tutorial videos, motivational articles, research papers – anything.

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Client History and Notes

Keep important client information secure, accessible and up to date. Along with basic information such as date of birth, address and insurance information, Clocktree client profiles show a timeline history of previous appointments with easy access to messages, forms and records.

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Your Professional Network

Invite as many colleagues and peers to Clocktree as you’d like – for free! Professionals use Clocktree as a secure way to send client referrals and to consult with each other. Gone are the days of faxing client records back and forth!

Clocktree Directory

Advertise your practice – and the fact that you offer video appointments – to consumers who are looking for providers just like you! Our mission is to connect savvy healthcare and wellness professionals with clients who want the level of care you provide. Stay tuned to see how you can secure premier placement in the Clocktree provider directory!

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